English Learning Reimagined

A Program to Build Young Leaders

Our Core Beliefs

Our goal at Edukita is to deliver a truly effective and affordable English teaching experience. We’ve seen just how much learning English can unlock: it has broadened our base of knowledge, allowed us to attend top universities abroad and opened us up to jobs where we met so many inspiring coworkers and mentors.

We know that some English offerings are expensive or out of reach for many young Indonesians so we are committed to delivering a program that is effective in building fluency and widely affordable. We hope that by providing this offering, other young Indonesians can have the same opportunities we’ve been so fortunate to have thanks to English (and, of course, our parents!)

Our mission is to democratize access to high quality and engaging live classroom experiences, enabling young talent to realize their personal aspirations and thrive in a modern workplace

Our Team

We are Peter Gumulia and Sean Widjaja. We met quite a while ago and quickly bonded over our passion for education and talent development. Our shared gratitude for the educational and work experiences we’ve had is the reason we’ve decided to launch Edukita.

Today, we spend most of our time together finding the best teachers, developing the right curriculum and figuring out how we can provide young Indonesians with access to the skills that we know to be instrumental from our very own experiences. The rare times we’re not doing these things, we’re spending time on our hobbies: for Peter that’s hiking and scuba diving, and for Sean that’s exploring new cities and singing his favorite karaoke track.

Peter Gumulia
Sean Widjaja

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